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We are the world; we must act on that understanding

Many indigenous people refer to the planet as “Mother Earth”, they are not speaking romantically, poetically or metaphorically. They mean it literally. We are of the Earth, every cell in our bodies formed by molecules derived from plants and animals, inflated by water, energized by sunlight captured through photosynthesis and ignited by atmospheric oxygen.

Amaterialistic Happiness or Bhutism.

Materialistic is described as excessively concerned with physical comforts or the acquisition of material things rather than intellectual, moral, spiritual, or artistic-cultural values, which become impoverished, and the propensity towards adhering to the philosophy of materialism (the theory that regards only tangible or measurable matter as constituting the universe and all its phenomena).


People have adopted habits of spoiled brats. Short of a sharp kick in the ass they are not likely to realize anything on the suggestion of Howard Zinn. [“If people began to realize that change comes from millions of tiny acts that seem totally insignificant, well then, they would not hesitate to take those tiny acts” – Howard Zinn (1922-2010)]Either a few of us take the lead and do the ass kicking (as in spanking the kids)in a humane, acceptable and tolerable fashion or nature would do it the unpleasant and very painful way.

Paul Beckwith ~ The Vanishing Arctic Ice Cap. Quotes me a lot.

“In the first year that this happens, the open Arctic Ocean state will only last for a few weeks to a month or so,” Paul Beckwith, a climatology and meteorology professor at the University of Ottawa, Canada, told Truthout. “Within a year or two, the open water duration [no sea ice] will last for several months, and within a decade or so the positive feedbacks will likely clear out the Arctic Ocean basin for most of the year.”


Fukushima Radiation in the Ecosystem, North American West Coast

Bronwyn  Delacruz , a high school student from Grande Prairie, Alberta, Canada discovered that a variety of seafood, particularly seaweeds, are littered with high levels of radiation.(1

After she became concerned with how little food inspection actually takes place with our food, and discovering that the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) stopped testing imported foods for radiation in 2012, she decided to carry out her own tests.

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