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Neurotics build sandcastles in the sky ~ Psychotics live in them

Neurotics build sandcastles in the sky ~ Psychotics live in them


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by Kelley White


It’s easy to victimize the mentally ill, particularly in the age of the Information Super Highway. It just takes technology. All of the means released in the recent WikiLeaks publication to include the tools they gift site visitors? These same tools can be used against you. Corporate entities, foreign and national entities, private individuals and or any combination of the above can wage cyber warfare without your knowledge or consent attempting to rewire your brain just like a pigeon with a Skinner Box.

You no longer control the content you see or when you see it. You see what algorithms serve. We trust these entities to act ethically in our best interests as they tell us they are collecting the data and invading our privacy. How many apps downloaded to your phone grant the app creator access to your phone mic, contacts, or other data secured on your phone? When you download the app you consent. Essentially this becomes a non-consensual consent.

The consumer assumes the corporate entity will respect their right to privacy as they waive their right to privacy placing the desire for convenience and or content over privacy. They assume that if at some point the entity will request additional permissions before it avails itself of the ability to eavesdrop or photograph. One of the benefits of a dissociative identity disorder is that in moments of clarity you can analyze and qualify over a broad spectrum based upon research and direct experience. You can with more objectivity determine the paramount patterns with an interface which to date lacked human emotion.

The very illness which makes it challenging to cope with your day to day environment gives you a hyper- focus which blinds you to the macroscopic day in day out reality of living. No sense of time, lack of core constancy, inability to create and sustain structure, inability to tolerate protracted or pronounced external stimulus now work to one’s advantage.

I internalize and personalize emotionally external stimulus. Personalization is the literal consequence of objectification. Personalization is a component of hyper vigilance which attempts to remain tactical to retain maximum control over physical security. If you personalize within a contextual framework of rational empathy? If in addition to this you are empathic, mentally ill with no core sense of self you can be easily manipulated. You lack all credibility because it is assumed you distort reality when you are mentally ill. It’s like when we speak to the elderly as though they were two.


Social media is the ultimate form of personalization.


Each feed is a virtual reality unto itself. Now if you listen to someone’s immediate environment, (Ie: listen to them via their microwave for giggles?) Then imagine their computer activity and their living environment syncs with their Facebook feed?

At what point does the line between tangible and virtual reality blur?

I think we imagined that the two realities would remain simultaneously accessible yet physically distinctive. In a post-human world, it is logical that the two would at some time merge. I think we the consumer naively assumed we would control this merging and it too would be distinctive and within our means to control. Working over multiple platforms and noting the prevailing trends within each platform to trigger me with the same emotional triggers within content in conjunction with real time events which could only be known to people or me with intimate knowledge of me then? The merging of the physical with the virtual becomes so pronounced if one can disassociate and withstand the triggers long enough to observe the content and the emotional reaction to the content delivered? The content is deliberately delivered in this fashion over a protracted period. It can and does modify behavior.


Neurotics build sandcastles in the sky. Psychotics live in them.


We have replaced the tangible for the intangible finding it preferable. Our finances, our entertainment, our social interaction? For so many of us who are artistic or entrepreneurial, political?

We are dependent upon literally consuming high quantities of sophisticated data for the highest and most precise form of cognitive retention. Assimilation with critical thinking in real time to respond to real-time complex interdependent systems then we have ever attempted before. We are collectively now aware in real time of anything, and everything is happening anywhere on the planet. We are omnipresent and yet not present at all. This intangible reality we are forced to remain eternally virtually present with to optimize maximum volume and profit potential becomes the cloning of virtual identities, the wholesale creation of artificial virtual intelligence (what bots truly are). I am not certain that narcissism is the original illness.

Any profession dependent upon the largess of the public must be conscious of “image.” Hereto wit “image” was carefully designed and yet there was some modicum of privacy left. We understood that privacy was vital to the autonomy of everyone. Nothing is private anymore. We are confronted with our humanity in all its messiness mirrored back within a broad spectrum of behaviors.

With awareness, we understand any of these behaviors have been or can become our own. There is no illusion of an ideal self or even a core self. By experience, Successive approximations to change which are lasting are achieved over longer periods of time. The process is not linear. What happens when you accelerate the process merging tangible reality with controlled content delivery over time? You accelerate the rate of change necessary for the individual to keep pace. If the individual has any cognitive distortion? By observation, this will be amplified.

My observation is that this has the potential to be used for the good or negative. For the social introvert, the benefit is the ability to have the perception of a social life without experiencing the painful challenge of social anxiety. To the extreme, it can become, by personal observation, a means of reinforcing patterns of social isolation which would make one more vulnerable to psychological cyber attacks which may or may not be within the awareness of the content consumer.

Kelley White ~ Make Matters So Much More Emergent?

Kelley White ~ Make Matters So Much More Emergent?


I appreciate Byron Katie greatly. I find the work something I resist. When I resist something with such veracity it most often has its roots in some larger truth secreted, awaiting discovery. When I resist something quite often it is the very thing I need to so.

How was I to do the work regarding our current President?


Byron Kathleen Mitchell, better known as Byron Katie is an American speaker and author who teaches a method of self-inquiry known as “The Work of Byron Katie” or simply as “The Work”.

I attempted to watch a video which was created by Byron Katie for this occasion and after several minutes found myself angered at the surreal absurdity with which something which does pose a concrete threat was dismissed. I found myself wanting to sit down with Byron Katie and ask some questions of my own.

What would the work have looked like if Byron had the ability to go back in time and meet with Hitler?

It then hit me, as I was contemplating Heisenberg wave theory of all things, that perhaps my issue was I had different fears?

The work is unique to the individual. What if my questions raised a different awareness for consideration?

Climate change is a very real issue. Fossil fuel dependency is a very real issue. Fracking is environmentally hazardous. Pollution and toxicity are impacting species and the earth’s capacity to maintain the narrow spectrum of conditions requisite to sustain life as we now know it in many forms on the planet. It is true that human conduct is negatively impacting the health of the planet.

It is true that President Trump’s current plans as outlined on his website will cause further harm to the environment. These are facts, not alternate facts, or even facts lite.

It is true that there are many who dismiss scientific evidence under the erroneous assumption there is some grand conspiracy afoot to further a liberal global elite agenda. Ironically globalization is inevitable because we function within a larger ecosystem called earth to whom we are all answerable.

Nature is not a respecter of persons.

The only turn around I can arrive at is I (we) indeed are all remiss in one nuance of the spectrum or another in contributing to the larger scope of the problem in small ways which prove exponentially problematic.

The President merely represents a different position on the spectrum of indifference and overall contribution. He can create an impact on a larger scale, thus his waves create a larger ripple effect. His consequences, in turn, will be equally and appositionally proportionate with one another.

Slavery has created a huge wound in this nation which we have yet to address or heal. The theft of the very land we reside in from our Native Americans is another deep wound we pour salt on versus attempt to redress. The Civil War is another tragedy still churning animosity. These things are true. I know they are true.

It has become abundantly clear the political correctness driving unpopular speech behind closed doors through public opinion merely hid a seething cancer only those who experienced it knew was still with us.

Periods of historical contraction offer us the ability to reflect and act where we once failed to act, altering an old self-defeating global response, and creating a new movement of global change.

If I did the work I could see that my failing was impatience with those whom in my humble estimation and experience failed to comprehend the larger complexities and potential outcomes juxtaposing the micro with the macro for a more holistic understanding from which to make more educated and thus hopefully more precise successive approximations towards slow but lasting positive progress. Such deliberation minimizes the inevitable setbacks one will encounter despite the best planning.

We appear to be a nation divided in approach as to how change is achieved on the personal, the interpersonal or the social level. One portion is impatient, seeking immediate remedy for issues decades and or centuries in the formation through external force. The other seems more understanding that progress is not a linear process but an internal transformation.

It is a difference of simplicity versus complexity, and fluidity versus rigidity. It is the tension of attachment versus detachment and optimism versus cynicism. If peak creativity occurs at the threshold of maximum tension? We can resist tyranny and enter a period of self-determination within the fluidity of a cooperative paradigm. Succeed or fail we must create anew with heart that which we deconstruct.

It juxtaposes those who think the story of the universe is complete through the mythologies presented in holy scriptures with those who see the spirit’s essence in pattern expressed in math ever contracting and expanding.

This creative tension exists to elicit a vibrant explosive energy of potentialities and probabilities which can either propel us exponentially into an ever-expansive cooperative social paradigm or send us spiralling into a cycle of “as long as I get mine” mentality which sees Earth bidding us good riddance to restore balance to the larger system which sustains all life.

If anything became apparent to me from my own foray into doing the work?

Perhaps if The President took us ten steps backward it would be the best thing that could happen.

If we are not ready to progress into the future with equity for one another and all life forms on this planet it is best for our overall survival to run out of oil with no back up plan. Perhaps it is best for us to continue to allow water to be polluted or looted. Perhaps it is best for us to make matters so much more emergent they will no longer be met by platitudes and euphemisms but concrete action.

Love is a verb.

If we are set back at a time when our progress would only mean destruction due to arrogance and ignorance?

Perhaps we will unwittingly save ourselves from a larger destruction which could prove irreversible or fatal for more than just our species.

©2017 Kelley White


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