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Climate cowardliness – criminality – hypocrisy in British Columbia

Climate cowardliness – criminality – hypocrisy in British Columbia


ECOPROPHET PAT for World Daily


This treatise is an utterly bitter exposure of truths that humanity is intent on continuing to practice until its demise or serious enough chaos that would disrupt the civilization of today into something entirely unrecognizable as civic living appears on the horizon. That would be not too unlike the good old pre-historic times of stone carved tools to hunt the wildlife. Except that there may not be any wildlife at all.


Evidence of cowardly unreasonableness and effective insanity of residents of Lower Mainland of British Columbia 

I have attempted to contact people at five locations that I spend time at when I am outside of my room and these five (5) locations are:

City of Vancouver Parks and recreation locations like Vancouver Aquatic Center. 

City of Surrey Parks and recreation locations like North Surrey Recreation Center (NSRC).

Carnegie Center library and community center at Main St. & E. Hastings Vancouver.

UBC learning Exchange at 612 Main St. (more…)

Paul Beckwith ~ The Vanishing Arctic Ice Cap. Quotes me a lot.

Paul Beckwith ~ The Vanishing Arctic Ice Cap. Quotes me a lot.


“In the first year that this happens, the open Arctic Ocean state will only last for a few weeks to a month or so,” Paul Beckwith, a climatology and meteorology professor at the University of Ottawa, Canada, told Truthout. “Within a year or two, the open water duration [no sea ice] will last for several months, and within a decade or so the positive feedbacks will likely clear out the Arctic Ocean basin for most of the year.”


“As the planet transitions through this abrupt climate change, there will be wrenching turmoil and conflict for human civilizations.”


Beckwith, an engineer and physicist who is also researching abrupt climate change in both present day and in the paleo records of the deep past, warns that losing the Arctic sea ice will create a state that “will represent a very different planet, with a much higher global average temperature, as much as 5 to 6 degrees C warmer within a few decades, in which snow and ice in the northern hemisphere becomes very rare or even vanishes year round.”

Paul Beckwith ~ Our New Climate and Weather

Paul Beckwith ~ Our New Climate and Weather

The familiar global weather patterns that we, our parents, and our grandparents (and most of our distant ancestors, at least as far back as the last ice age remnants) have always experienced are no more. We have entered an abrupt climate change phase in which an energized water primed atmosphere and disrupted circulation patterns give rise to unfamiliar, massive and powerfully destructive storms, torrential rains, widespread heat waves and droughts, and less commonly but occasionally widespread cold spells. 

Why is this happening now? Sophisticated Earth System computer Models (ESMs), summaries of state-of-the-art peer reviewed climate science (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change IPCC), and mainstream science have generally put the climate change threat out to the latter part of the century. Global data from all parts of the world, but most noticeably the Arctic shows that reality is quite different from these models and mainstream thinking.


Just by looking out the window much of humanity now senses that something is very different, and uncomfortably wrong in their particular region.



Depending on location, vegetation is drying out and burning, or being toppled by very high wind events, or oceans are invading upon coastlines, or rivers are overrunning banks or drying up or both, while rainfall deluges are inundating other regions. In fact some regions are vacillating between massive floods and massive droughts, or record high temperatures and record low temperatures, even on a weekly basis. (more…)

The Fukushima CONCERN, Highly Radioactive Water

The Fukushima CONCERN, Highly Radioactive Water



It is not our aim to create fear over this Global Catastrophe . 

Will be updating this post with more Scientific links.

For most of us, it’s a question of what/who is to be believed.

Some of the following is dubious/alarmist, from what I have personally learned or that has been brought to my attention …


– John Malloy, The Canadian









Three nuclear energy experts (Scott PortzlineArnie Gundersen, and Kevin Kamps) in separate hours, discussed the status of the nuclear disaster in Fukushima, the cover-ups of scientific data, as well as general issues about nuclear power, and nuclear waste. Last week there was a spate of false reports about Fukushima’s Unit 3 having new radiation plumes of steam coming from it, and that people living on the West Coast should prepare to evacuate, Portzline detailed. While this was a hoax, the climate of uncertainty around Fukushima has been created by the lack of truth from TEPCO (Tokyo Electric Power Company), as well as the US government, and the International Atomic Energy Agency, he commented. “In my opinion, Fukushima is a level 8 on the international nuclear event scale, (the levels normally only go up to 7),” as there are multiple sources of radiation, and the situation requires international assistance and monitoring, Portzline continued.

Gundersen concurred on the direness of the Fukushima situation– in contrast to Chernobyl and Three Mile Island, the “spigot” isn’t turned off yet, and radiation continues to leak into the Pacific Ocean. Fish are picking up extraordinarily high levels of radioactive materials, and Gundersen said he would not eat fish that comes from the West Coast. (more…)

John Paily ~ A Thought on Einstein’s E=mc2

John Paily ~ A Thought on Einstein’s E=mc2

Inventing a “New Force” and “New Space-Time Field” that Einstein strived to invent to explain the Universe Sensibly

Universe is energy and matter. Einstein’s Equation E=mc2 tells us this. It means …

1] Energy in an atom is the product of two light particles moving in opposite direction in maximum speed. This invariably means there are two parallel worlds from which these light particles emerge

2] Einstein’s gravitational theory suggest that two atoms or two system in Natures are attracted in space-time. (more…)

John Paily ~ Climate Change Solution from a New Perspective

John Paily ~ Climate Change Solution from a New Perspective

blackboard 750


by John Paily for World Daily


There is huge scientific debate on climate change as earth is collapsing before our eyes and humanity as a whole is suffering. These scientific debates seems to take us nowhere. How can a science that fails to answer what property gives gravity and mass  to matter?  Why gravity is weak force? Why triplet code? Why dominant and recessive genes? (more…)

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