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We are an online community of passionate individuals called to create economies of creativity, innovation, and value.

World Daily is not about conformity; It’s about respect and communication.

World Daily is not about our differences; It’s about affinity.

We are Democrats, Republicans, NDP, Liberal, Conservative, Green, and more…

We are Jewish, Muslim, Agnostic, Christian, Atheistic, Buddhist, Native, Hindu and more …

We are every gender, orientation and age.

We are leaders, followers, teachers, parents, students, bloggers, business owners, employees and people of every walk of life.

Although we may not share everything in common, we do equally share in our love of People and our beautiful Planet.

These are the things we, at World Daily, inherently value:

•    Collaboration over competition
•    Community over personal agenda
•    Friendship over formality
•    People over personalities
•    Participation over observation

We are listening to each other for the sameness of concerns, for the commonality of being human, and the wisdom of the collective whole.


World Daily is about International & Universal Respect – John Malloy



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