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Acts of Kindness Challenge



From criminals lassoed by cowboys then tied to a pole awaiting justice, to waiters tipped hundreds as a “gift”, Acts of Kindness are taking hold and you never know where they might hit next.


If you’ve been on Facebook, or any other social media site then you’ve likely had the pleasure of meeting a well-known, and much loved Canadian artist, dog rescuer, political junkie and coffee addict by the name of Mike Rilstone. Mike’s social media activities have touched millions of followers around the world, and he often has a major impact wherever he goes.


Over the years I’ve watched Mike get deeply involved in almost every type of social action. I’ve watched as his efforts impacted major national and international elections, and I’ve seen his actions improve small-town local fundraisers, but this past year brought about the development of his newest effort; an Acts of Kindness Challenge that people from all parts of the globe can take part in.


Dawn Douglas, an Australian Public Relations professional shared her thoughts in a post that echoes something we can all agree with, “be kind to others, it’ll make you feel amazing!!”


I asked Mike why he took on this newest social action and considering his past good deeds, I wasn’t surprised by his answer, “I was annoyed that mainstream media always trumped the good news with the bad. So I thought we needed a central depository to share the good things that were happening around us.”


His thinking has certainly paid off and thanks to public demand Mike’s decided to take it further. “Its original intent was to break through all the bad news in 2016 (especially political) and help take us into a happier Christmas season, but the page seems to have taken on a life of its own and I for one like the happy reprieve it brings on a daily basis.”


Throughout history, great leaders of all ages, cultures and religious beliefs have their own way of saying, ‘Be the change that you wish to see in the world.’ With each New Year, come New Year’s resolutions and with it we’ll often hear a global call for change, but to achieve change we’ve all got to play a part, even if it’s just one small good deed at a time.


For Dawn Douglas it was simple, “I’ve been doing random acts of kindness for decades now, so when this page was suggested by a friend I hopped on board to join like-minded people. I’m hoping that by sharing random acts of kindness it will spread to others making the world a more caring place than it is.”


The Acts of Kindness Challenge is, as Mike describes it, “a safe place where those who are generally quiet about their good deeds can come to share them among friends, allowing good ideas to spread. It has become a place many now drop into regularly just to feel good.”


If you want to take part in creating the change you want to see in the world, then The Acts of Kindness Challenge is a great place to start.


JOIN the 2017 Acts of Kindness Challenge – CLICK HERE


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