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When Mount Rushmore was being carved the first nations people were against it because the mountain was sacred. They would have did their best to stop them but it was illegal for natives to protest. Now that monument sits there on their sacred grounds as a reminder to the pain and suffering they endured. 

At the time of the sports teams formations and choosing of the mascots, the natives had bigger problems like residential schools and being forcibly moved from their lands. They didn’t know that they should have been stopping the names they chose for the mascots. There was no time or any awareness of what was going on. 

Forward ourselves 50 – 60 years and what we see in a society built around First Nations is very insulting and horrifying. To First Nations the names of the mascots make us feel like those people are now extinct but in reality, we are still here.


Rusty Onowakohton Nolan


Here’s a great video ad that couldn’t find funding to be played at the Superbowl. 


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