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David Law ~ Assad, the very very bad boy

It has become necessary to give the bad, bad boy Assad, a time out. A cruise missile strike on an airbase. Symbolic, but relatively harmless. A minor punishment, loud and noisy enough to appear real but focused and small enough, to do no lasting damage to the regime.

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Tim Knight on Breslin

A man I taught to write wins a Pulitzer Prize for journalism a while back and dies just this week. The Puitzer is for newspaper commentaries “ … which consistently champion ordinary citizens.” This man wins the Pulitzer because be writes about ordinary women and men — people like you and me

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Neurotics build sandcastles in the sky ~ Psychotics live in them

Social media is the ultimate form of personalization. Each feed is a virtual reality unto itself. Now if you listen to someone’s immediate environment, (Ie: listen to them via their microwave for giggles?) Then imagine their computer activity and their living environment syncs with their Facebook feed?

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Tim Knight ~ My Dear Americans

Jacob Gedleyihlekisa Zuma and Donald John Trump are narcissistic, paranoid, grandiose, delusional, demagogic and probably sociopathic men who will destroy our democracies if we let them.

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