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This treatise is an utterly bitter exposure of truths that humanity is intent on continuing to practice until its demise or serious enough chaos that would disrupt the civilization of today into something entirely unrecognizable as civic living appears on the horizon. That would be not too unlike the good old pre-historic times of stone carved tools to hunt the wildlife. Except that there may not be any wildlife at all.


Evidence of cowardly unreasonableness and effective insanity of residents of Lower Mainland of British Columbia 

I have attempted to contact people at five locations that I spend time at when I am outside of my room and these five (5) locations are:

City of Vancouver Parks and recreation locations like Vancouver Aquatic Center. 

City of Surrey Parks and recreation locations like North Surrey Recreation Center (NSRC).

Carnegie Center library and community center at Main St. & E. Hastings Vancouver.

UBC learning Exchange at 612 Main St. Vancouver 

Skytrain, buses and the respective waiting areas prior to boarding the public transit vehicles in the Lower Mainland of British Columbia 

What I can report is that since starting the project securing commitment to combat the coming catastrophic climate change crisis by inviting residents of Lower Mainland of British Columbia through handing out small paper slips (“VSR Invites”) to contact me via email to start a dialogue or attend at the small 1.5 Km walks from Vancouver City Hall to TELUS Science world, (actually I invite them to do both but at a minimum an email could be sent).

Between 2007 and 2012 for a period of five (5) years such paper slips “VSR Invites” were handed out personally to between 20 and 30 thousand people at various locations in the above five location, mostly clandestinely because the practice was frowned upon and as I persisted progressively harsher warnings including the threats of arrests were brought against me. The initial consent to have the VSR posters posted on their notice boards were gradually withdrawn and the most extreme reaction having been taken by the North Surrey Recreation Center (NSRC). Is that of having RCMP actually arrest me and have me charged with criminal harassment under s. 264.1 of Criminal Code. That should suffice as evidence the public of Lower Mainland of British Columbia resists any attempt to engage them in this climate combat. In the result over the five year period when I was forced to abandon this practice NOT ONE person has ever sent me an email other than to tell me that they would have nothing do to with this project or cannot attend due to various other (planet destroying) projects that take up their waking hours. Nor has any reasonable soul other than a couple of people who lost their way attended at the City Hall at 10:00am on the First Sunday each month when the events were held when only my 80 year old mother and I were in attendance. 

Reasonable and highly sensible that the residents of Lower Mainland of British Columbia (as a representative population of the globe) are they firmly trust that the best place to promote the commitment to climate crisis is not where humans tread but some deserts like Sahara or the North Pole or may be the Antarctic. As long as I am not in their faces they are glad to keep going their ways of planets demise without any hindrance. The confrontations that I have inflicted upon them leading to harshly dealing with my mother and me are simply too distressful for the humanity.

The disgraceful hypocrisy of the human race (or at least residents of the Lower Mainland of British Columbia) 

What can be safely concluded from the above experiment is that entire human race is absolutely hypocritical and dishonest about the climate change crisis and the steps to combat it. With an exceptionally rare example of a handful of people on the planet who might be genuinely attempting to combat this crisis vast mass of humanity has zero commitment to it although some 60-70% survey respondents do concede to the interviewers of the surveys that they are aware that climate change is a serious crisis. But that is the end of their participation in this crisis. What they imply is that it is the rest of the human race except the respondent of the survey who must be held responsible for the GHG emissions that have caused the problem and is going on causing the problem. A handy example is that of weapons held by Saddam’s army as being weapons of mass destruction while the nuclear arsenals held by Bush Administration are just harmless toys for the entertainment of toddlers. That in the climate change context is to be read as it is only the 4-wheel drives or Hummers of my neighbours that are causing GHG emissions, while my hybrid car actually sucks up GHG when I take it on the road. Were I able to do so I would drive five times more so that I can fix the problem by driving all day long. 

There is no reason to hope that humanity would ever develop the courage to fight climate crisis in time enough to act.

After intensive study of the issue from an ecopsychological perspective I have concluded that the three key ingredients that would be needed are COURAGE, COMPASSION, & COLLABORATION out of which courage is the essential ingredient because it takes courage to practice genuine compassionate altruism and the cultivation of the collaborative spirit which is the anti-thesis of selfishness. In the climate context I have used the acronym SEMSIP (stupidity of extremely myopic self interest promotion) to state that cowardly human behavioural guideline. There is a serious inertia in humans to shift their value systems or their cognitive paradigm. With a fair certainly it can be projected that there is no greater than mere decade remains prior to irreversible devastating cascades would begin to unfold and would be effectively unstoppable. And it is also pretty certain from the 5 year observation period of mine that in the next decade there is close to zero expectation of a global cognitive paradigm towards living sustainably. The SEMSIP gets in the way or its cousin TIPOCITIES would prevent that from happening. TIPOCITIES refer to the Tight Political Corporate TIES. The corporate universe and the capitalistically driven democratic political system (where fools elect even more outstanding fools to run the planet) 

The popular set of panoply of cures for the climate crisis that are currently practiced by the human race is the set of the following five ill chosen and deadly strategies:

Concealed denial with overt admission of the reality of climate change (this is the rule not exception and inflicts even the ecowarriors, heads of green groups and even Al Gore – all of them resent me for this disclosure).

Green-wash or tokenism even when practiced in cold water.

Blame shifting such that by all rational inference only “others” can be justifiable responsible.

Absolute personal exoneration of any and all onus in the context of GHG and other pollutions.

Pegging every hope of salvation and the stewardship of the planet on Divine Intervention.

The planet is in serious trouble but no one is even seriously thinking of dealing with this crisis. A major factor is the sheer overwhelming magnitude of guilt that gets triggered for effectively having set the world on fire is such that the only reaction humans are capable of is denial, or related cowardliness of hyper-optimistic expectations that “Obama Wand” or the “UNFCCC fairy’s wand” mostly in the nature of some Divine Intervention that would fix it all without humans to do anything about it. I am all alone in this fight because I have the guts to embrace truth and look into this crisis squarely in the eye and stand up against it. The collective human wisdom in the context of climate change context is largely mythical or fantastic and in the realms of wonderlands where hoped are pegged on fictional entities and processes is not the Geo-engineering gimmickry, which would be a new kind of nightmare that would shroud the planet and would stand to make only things going from the frying pan into the fire. I can sure pray for some Divine Intervention that humans be stopped from the geo-engineering insanity. This climate cowardliness-criminality-hypocrisy is insanity enough.

To allow readers to give an idea of tokenism one can use the example that tossing a pop can once every X-mas into recycle bin seems to be adequate response by most humans to combat the sustainability crisis, even if done on the airport on the way to boarding gate for the Xmas trip home to uphold the pledge of being home for Xmas.

Humanity’s fatal attraction and inalienable addiction to status quo or lack of courage to abandon the comfort zone of business as usual. 

Resistance to any deliberate change in the lifestyle as in curbing energy consumption by humanity is nightmarishly intense. 

POPULATION BOOM NIGHMARE – THE FIFTH CRISIS (see QUINTUCRISIS of REDILUVISM – Google it): The world is becoming more energy efficient, but growing economies (EXPLOIDING RATE OF CONSUMPTION) and an increasing world population (EXPLOIDING CONSUMER NUMBER) will speed up colossal energy demand for several decades. The wealthy nations are helpless to deal with it in any real way other than helping the poor nations shift to renewable, because this spike in energy demands will largely (90%) will come from emerging economies and this rise in burning fossil fuels to produce energy by the developing nations would more than wipe out any reduction in GHG emissions achieved by the wealthy nations. It is nothing short of a dog chasing its own tail, not a scenario of any success ever. [Houston Chronicle]

The real life impact of this population boom crisis is that pledges must be made to go childless by a sizable fraction of humans of committed couples.

Humility of admission that we have majorly sinned by emitting GHGs is the only hope that the requisite courage would grow.

The first step in the recovery and growth will have to be of an open and candid admission that we all have sinned. That takes a copious amount of courage that many of us are lacking in. There some education, prompting, encouragement and sharing of the blame etc., can be helpful. Nelson Mandela inspired all of us with his courage, his unyielding resistance, and his grace. Inspired by Mandela’s vision, climate activists from around the world helped make this video last June during the Global Power Shift convergence organized by Most people would tell us it’s impossible to solve the climate crisis. It’s just too big to tackle. It’s impossible to power the world with wind and sun. That view has to be rejected as wrong! It always seems impossible until it is done. Today, people all over the world are making the impossible possible. With global communications at our fingertips, we now have the power to connect across continents, culture and religion. Our ability to connect is unlimited. We have the power to challenge governments, corporations, world leaders. We can and will find solutions.

It will help to be guided by the words of Desmond Tutu who wrote in a 2010 WWF editorial:

Last month we saw celebrations marking 20 years since the release of Nelson Mandela. That historic day signaled a turning point in the path this country was to take; we embarked on a new journey filled with hope for the future. Indeed, there were many who had to pinch themselves when it happened, so bleak were the preceding months and years during which many South Africans saw their country in crisis. The global movement urging action on climate change should take heart from that great event…. It took individual and collective activism and a sense of urgency and responsibility to change our nation. Twenty years later that’s what it will take to change the world. Bill McKibben of reinforces Desmond Tutu’s view that “this is the next great moral issue that we face, and the same kind of tactic is what’s necessary to face it.” Nelson Mandela has said “ What counts in life is not the mere fact that we have lived. It is what difference we have made to the lives of others that will determine the significance of the life we lead.” (90th birthday celebration of Walter Sisulu, 2002) Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world. (Speech at the University of the Witwatersrand South Africa, 2003).. We have to do a superb job at educating public and with a flavour of faith like commitment and subjugation alone can that task of education properly proceed.




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