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Inventing a “New Force” and “New Space-Time Field” that Einstein strived to invent to explain the Universe Sensibly

Universe is energy and matter. Einstein’s Equation E=mc2 tells us this. It means …

1] Energy in an atom is the product of two light particles moving in opposite direction in maximum speed. This invariably means there are two parallel worlds from which these light particles emerge

2] Einstein’s gravitational theory suggest that two atoms or two system in Natures are attracted in space-time. This means space-time forms the back bone on which material world exist. The fact that light particles from two worlds moves toward each other invariably means it is governed by a “Principle”. This principle out to be a quest to seek equilibrium. Equilibrium is death. The perpetual existence of the system then should be based certain “Non Equilibrium Design” that denies this.

Einstein Writing Equation on BlackboardNote – Theory of gravity is built on the assumption of non equilibrium. The problem with science is that it has failed to perceive and differentiate energy or light particle and atoms. It has strived to break the system down to atoms and beyond it into many sub atomic particles. However, it has failed to put them together to sensibly explain the world we live in. It is yet to comprehend what gives gravity or mass to matter, why it is weak force. This calls us to review the very foundation of our thinking about nature.

There are two unflinching laws that all scientific thoughts should eventually account. These are the two laws of energy and matter conservation. The first law states that energy cannot be created or destroyed, it can only be transformed. The second law states that every time some transformational change occurs there is some loss of energy in the form of heat. This means that in time all revolving objects should lose energy and collapse to the center. Thus came the concept of Big Bang Origin, Black Hole, Singularity and so on. All the laws of physics fail when it comes to this point.

Thus Einstein for much part of his life struggled to invent a “New Force” and “New Space-Time Field” that works against gravity to give stability to universe. He introduced the concept but retracted it. He probably failed to perceive it from Nature.

Einstein said “Look deep into Nature, and then you will understand everything better” he also said “Science is a wonderful thing if one does not have to earn one’s living at it.” and “Imagination is more important than knowledge”
Einstein seemed to have lost his observation and imagination power, once he was in mainstream science bound to “Plato’s Chair”. What Einstein failed to observe and which is crucial to understanding of Nature and the universe sensibly, is open to all of us, provided we care to open the window and look out to see a plant grow, seed sprout and Lilies flower.

In Plant kingdom we observe a parallel world, where the light and heat is absorbed to form biological mass that grows against gravity. This means we see an opposition to the material world that tends to lose energy, wind and collapse to a point in a “black hole”. More than two decades back this visualization of plants as Anti-gravitational force led me to a conclusion that even one living cell can stop the “gravitational collapse” of the whole universe.

It is not only plants, in fact all life are instinctively are anti-gravitational. They have “inner space” in which it converts gravity into anti-gravity and thus opposes the time direction in the material world directed to collapse to a point. We must now note that we are inventing a “Parallel Space-Time Field” that opposes the gravity field of the material world. In short the space-time that Einstein introduced forming the back bone of the universes is in fact paired. In one net, the force is centripetal and in the other the force is centrifugal.

The system is now balanced and is a “Self sustaining Gaia” as Noble Laureate James Lovelock proved to the world and the ancient spiritualist understood. When “material space-time net” tends to wind to gravitational collapse to a point, the “Living Space-Time” tends to unwind and opposes the material world. The creativity of life and its potentials to reproduce invariably means plant life can push the system to “Anti-gravitational collapse”. Thus Nature is bestowed with herbivore that feeds on plants and carnivore that feeds on herbivore. The system is self sustaining Gaia or Living World .

Note – The inner core of life holds the real information in spiritual form. It is the “Conscious Field” that supports and the material body. All plants and animals are instinctive in their response to change in the material world and supports the “Conscious field of the Universe” that resist the gravitational collapse.

All Life instinctively Creates order. From the above point of thinking of Gaia, we should have seen a world that is ordered. But what we see is a world that is highly disordered and leading to destruction and death.

Let us now see why “Living Universe” gets disordered  and inches towards death.
To understand this let us look at another fact we have failed to observe – the “Earth and its Energy Cycle” in which we all live. Earth is separated into two cycles that are opposing but exist as one. When west awakes to sunlight/heat and unwinds, east simultaneously goes into darkness and winds thus balancing the system. When sunlight peaks in one world, then from within the opposite cycle emerges. Simultaneously the opposite happens in the other part. The12 hour daily peaking of energy, is enclosed in 12 month peak manifesting into climate cycle. There are bigger cycle that manifest in 12 years and so on to form universal cycle. The design helps Earth maintain certain “Ratio of Energy to Matter” and thus the heat of the environment within some limit such that life can thrive on Earth.sp

But this living or “Gaia Design” breaks down when we include adult human beings. Adult humans live a “self centered” and “mind centered” life. He exist as slave to material world. By birth and by his instinct, as all other living system, he is anti-gravitational, but when he matures his mind manifest a “self”. It differentiates itself from the “Universal Conscious Field” and becomes the cause for the deterioration of Gaia.

Here comes the importance of all spiritual scriptures of East as well as West. Which tells us that “Truth” exist not “out there” but “in here”. Unfortunately these spiritual institutions instead of holding Light and Life afloat, in time deteriorate and become slave to material world. Non illuminated souls have used these institutions as means to exploit people than helping people to connect to their consciousness and walk the path of Life, Truth and Justice. Vedas of the east thus very clearly divides the “Universal Time Cycle” into four quantum proportions in terms of deterioration of “Truth and Justice”. In short just as Earth that strives to maintain certain energy to matter ratio, Life too struggles sustain certain heat of the system. It strives to balance the spirit and matter ratio. A mind that is totally spiritual centered and mind that is totally material centered both exist in ignorance and disturbs the system. If there is anything that helps sustain life it is Truth or Knowledge. Thus all scriptures speaks “Seek Truth and Truth will set you free”

We all know that modern science came into existence as anti to Christianity when this religion was virtually ruling the west with iron fist, amassing wealth than spreading Good News and illuminating people and bring qualitative change in them. The fore fathers of science cleverly separated material world, leaving the realm of “soul and mind” to the religious institutions. The religious clergies were only too happy at it.

But the laborious evolution of science has brought it to a point where it realized that one cannot separate the “observer” and “enquirer”, his mind and soul from what he is enquiring. Today conscious research is a forefront of research. Unfortunately modern science thinks that it is related to brain and mind. At the cellular level Dr. Stuart Hemeroff and Roger Penrose locate it in “Centriole” and “Tubules”. The Truth is that it exist beyond the brain/mind in heart and beyond it in the “inner space” of life. At the cellular level it exist beyond the “Centromere” in the inner space in “Living Atom” or “Soul”. I am not sure how much labor and effort has go before the scientist awaken to this simple reality.

Science has already discovered the concept of “Parallel Worlds” . Three scientists  Prof. Neil Turok of Perimeter Institute of Theoretical Physics, Prof. Paul Steinhardt of Princeton University, Prof Burt Ovrut of Pennsylvania University have even gone ahead to suggest a solution to time and singularity. They said that at singularity one world can pierce the other and emerge on the opposite side.

I am not sure what they meant and  how they came to this conclusion and how they visualize the universe we live in from their  conceptual thinking. But it fell in line with the “Living Universe Theory”  that Nature was revealing to me by Grace.

Life is not beyond time, but it is bestowed with a capacity to conquer time and initialize it through reproduction. Life exist as parallel worlds – Male and Female. Here the masculine is determining and giver of life. The egg cell does not take life, unless it is fertilized by masculine Spirit.  Here the “Spirit and Information” of masculine world leaves its body, enters the feminine. Here in the “black hole” it creates new body out of the old and emerges out.

Note – All life struggles to sustain certain equilibrium. This is facilitated by the  inner space of life. This inner space carries the real information. The genes we see are simply material body created around the spiritual core. It could be visualized  as weight that a balancer uses to balance the balance. What perceives change in the material environment and balances the system is the “Spirit” in the inner space. This is a new thinking to which the world is yet to enter.

The Universal Reality or the Truth

The “Universal Reality” is that it is conscious and intelligent being. This conscious field is the back bone  of the universal system. This conscious field is paired and supports the material world that also is paired- recall west and east separation and day and night cycle that we witnessed. All life supports this Universal Conscious Field against material force that tends to collapse to death.  The only exception we noted to this is Adult Human beings who lives by his mind and is self centered and exist as slave to material world. Thus he goes against the Life Force [ Universal Consciousness and Intelligence] that supports his abode and him. By virtue of  “Two Basic Ignorance’s” he is calling upon himself huge destruction at all levels. The two ignorance’s are  …
•    The ignorance of “Principle and Design” on which Nature functions to sustain ratio of energy to matter. This is  increasing climate catastrophes
•    The Ignorance of God and His functioning. Because of this ignorance humanity is turning against humanity in the name of God with all the weapons of mass destruction in hand. Our survival now exist in evolving science and awakening to Truth or God beyond religion as a science.

ChakraSystem13Vedas of the east says that Universe is “Conscious and Intelligent Being” and we humans are individuated systems born from it and go back into it to be born again. It says that the whole universe is “thought projection” of  “Mind of God” and that we humans similarly create our own universes. One single difference between the “Mind of God” and “human mind” is that God’s mind is not self centered, where as human mind is self centered. Thus among all living creatures God the Creator and sustainer keeps a resistance to humans.  Bible says God created Human’s in His image and He gave them dominion over His Kingdom, but resisted him from eating from the “Tree at the Center”. The tree at the center is the gravitational point to which all the material forces of the world points. It is the “black hole” or “death point”. But humans eat the forbidden fruit and creates a time direction.

All this means humans knew Truth and knowledge of life and his relationship with Universal Being. He had the requisite knowledge to live in peace with oneself and with Nature and one with God. He had the knowledge to govern Earth and Heavens. But this  knowledge was lost when he turned his face away from God the Father and broke His Faith relationship.

Earth that inhabits life seems to take a pivotal role in the world. I am sure the modern space scientist might disagree. It is inevitable that by theory of gravitation there should be center to the whole universe. Much of  our spiritual science also takes Earth as center stage of all drama of the universe. Assuming that, as heart is off centered center of the Life, Earth is also the off centered center of the universe. The “gravitational collapse” now becomes Earth is centered. Now this means secret of conquering of “Universal Time” and the its restoration into “New Time Cycle” also should  manifest right here on Earth.

By Grace I understood this secret manifesting through “Calvary Sacrifice of Jesus Christ”. Through Christ, God the Father has opened His heart and Mind for humanity to evolve to survive and enter Golden Age, or Dharma Yuga or Kingdom of God. This great Creation is also supported by Vedas of the East. Yajurveda VS 30-31 clearly says that universe was created by the “Self Sacrifice of the Creator”.  This spiritual secret that ancient scriptures speak becomes meaningful from the above scientific context. The absolute “self -sacrifice” conducted by the “Primal Soul”, has potentials to arrest time. Its inner space has the potentials to transform all force of gravity into anti-gravity and thus lifting the system from “0” back to”1″ or the initial state.

This is no way a support for “religion” called Christianity.  It is a science that is beyond religion. This “Thought” is only a seed – the rest are details. It is beyond this article to write three decades of introspection and review of developments science and spirituality. The core thought presented here has potential to explain many fundamental questions of science such as What property gives gravity and mass to matter? What is difference between light and atomic matter? Why gravity is weak force? Why gene is triplet code? Why ratio of acceleration of two interacting bodies is always 3? Why DNA is double helical? Why mitotic and meiotic division and so on. Most importantly it gives essential knowledge to unite science and spirituality and liberating humanity from the bondage to religion. It also has potential to give us essential knowledge to survive the increased climate catastrophes and make Quantum Evolution in our knowledge. It can open the gateway for evolution of  “Information Era” into “Knowledge Era”.

Note- This search for answers to fundamental questions comes from nearly two and half decades of observation and introspection assisted by His Grace. It was pursued from a interior village, after author revolted and left “Plato’s Chair of Science” to stay with his consciousness. Authors struggle to reach out to temples of science to discuss this matter, was a futile one. Because of its vital importance, author had to leave the village to lead an uncertain life in town so that he can use internet as media to write and keep these vital matter open to all. I request all readers who finds some substance in my thinking and idea, to help me spread this message. The time left to awaken and take guard of Earth appears to be very short. The signs around us speak this.

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2012 – Science Meets Mind of God

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