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by John Paily for World Daily


There is huge scientific debate on climate change as earth is collapsing before our eyes and humanity as a whole is suffering. These scientific debates seems to take us nowhere. How can a science that fails to answer what property gives gravity and mass  to matter?  Why gravity is weak force? Why triplet code? Why dominant and recessive genes? Why double helical? Why mitotic and meiotic divisions? What is the difference between light and atomic matter? Why wave particle duality? and so on, can ever give us a picture of climate change, why it is happening how we can counter it.  In order to face the problem let us rub the slate clean and look deep into Nature from an empty mind.

If we observe Earth from a point of freedom from “Plato’s Chair”, we note that  …


1] There are Two parallel worlds, east and west or north and south. When one of this world opens up to light /heat from sun and unwinds. The other simultaneously goes into dark cycle. It winds and thus planet-earthopposing and giving the stability to the system. When light cycle peaks in the west it gives way to dark cycle and simultaneously opposite happens in the east. This means the system called earth has instantaneous communication.  We stand to note it as day and night cycle on earth. This 12 hour cycle is embedded in bigger cycles of 12 month, 12 years and so on from a universal cycle. This means we need to visualize earth as not only as parallel worlds but as system with multiple worlds with many layers where communication takes place in time. What we see here is an disordering and ordering cycle coexisting. In short we see a design by which Earth works to sustain certain balance  of energy to matter ratio and thus heat, through constant flow of information between two basic worlds, which then manifest through the multiple worlds in time.

2] We note that it has a direction. This direction is towards increased heat or a ratio favoring the energy of the system. This increase is very clearly contributed by human activity who has become slave to material world. From industrial period we have been exponentially increasing the heat of the environment. With globalization we have intruded into the night cycle when Earth to cools the system. The situation is further aggravated by increased loss of forest and greenery.  Green plants are known to absorb sunlight and heat during the day and create biological mass using this energy and matter. In the process they are known to maintain the vital ratio of carbon dioxide to oxygen [CO2/O2 ratio] that sustains all other life.

tree-on-WhiteHumans in their ignorance of “Truth of Nature and Her Functioning” are digging their own grave bringing on themselves huge catastrophes. This is happening in a predictable line.

The energetic state [ heat ] of the earth’s external and internal environment is exponentially increasing. This means the climatic change is accelerated and is becoming increasingly destructive.

The grid points surrounding earth’s environment through which climate used to change smoothly is dissolving rendering earth susceptible and fragile.

This now explains climatic instabilities, ecological instabilities, instabilities of human mind manifesting into violence and self destruction. It is common sense, that any system that is unilaterally heated will break down. It is common sense that when heat of the environment increases, the fire and wind bound accidents will increase. It is common sense that it will lead to accelerated loss of water from earth. When climate changes the down pour will be is accelerated too. Thus we see dramatic increase in fire and wind bound destruction accompanied by flash floods/snows. Since Earth reacts to unwinding force of heat by winding, as time progress the Earth Crust will get increasingly wound and stressed leading to huge earth quakes. This eventually leads to huge volcanic eruptions that can turn earth inside out. We have evidence of many civilization buried in earth and under sea. Science tells us volcanic dust has potentials to cool earth suddenly thus inducing ice-age.

It is also important to note a few more facts …


1] When heat increases, water evaporates, fire bound destruction increases. Much of our forest specially mono forests becomes susceptible. Huge loss of forest and greenery would upset the carbon dioxide to oxygen ratio, leading to mass death of animals and even humans. The highly inflammable substances can instantaneously ignite and becomes prone for increased accidents. We need to understand earth from non-liner point.

2] The dissolving of grid points around earth invariably means earth’s gravitational field becomes susceptible to space objects. This also can explain the increased sink holes around earth.

How to Survive the Situation


The situation is stressing us to evolve our knowledge of the whole system of which we are part. We need to invert and Change the very vision of Nature and the Universe we live in.Einstein Writing Equation on Blackboard

To avert the increased climatic destruction all we need is to Manage the energy of the environment.

Develop New technologies that release less heat into the environment and increase the efficiency of energy usage. We need to develop technologies that taps the energy in the environment.

This knowledge comes from over two and half decades of introspection and quest to know Truth in simplicity. It also revealed many simple technologies that can replace our present ones. However, I have resisted to speak them.

Einstein said “Technological progress is like an axe in the hands of a pathological criminal.”  Modern man is self centered and slave to material world. His mind is pathologically criminal. Unless this criminal mind set is illuminated and washed with light and Truth, all technologies get exploited as an axe for destruction of his own abode and humanity.

Life gives clues to new technologies for future. The human heart, pumps blood carrying trillions of cells along 100000KM of blood vessels 20 times per minute. Human mind processes trillions of information’s every second. In addition to it, the human body carries out various processes such as absorption, excretion, creation and restoration process. It does all these processes at one time, yet the amount of heat it releases into the environment is negligible.

What  it uses is few pieces of bread and water. We have references where people have lived even without food and water taking energy from space. This speaks of the potential, open for human growth and expansion.

All we need to do is to introspect and change the way we think and understand the inter relationship and oneness.


John Paily

John Paily, M.Sc





Information is not carried in genes. It is carried in a Black Hole of souls. The soul is a system that functions against gravity through creativity and building biological mass that grows against gravity. When time in material world is directed increasingly to disordered state, the time in biological world directs to order. Thus the opposition of material and living world gives substance to the whole system without time directed to gravitational collapse. A time direction to the universe emerges from human mind that becomes slave to material world and seeks self. It happens when he distances from the creator or God. God’s forbiddance to eat from the tree at the center needs to be understood as resistance to human souls from becoming slave to material force. Human souls do become slave to matter and thus universe had to be sustained through constant price. The ultimate price was paid at Calvary. Jesus’ soul is unique one formed in space time in the universal time cycle. The black hole of Jesus soul holds all the information’s.  In Calvary this information was released such that the world can come alive with information and knowledge and enter the Golden Age. To know Jesus soul, fill a huge sphere, with small sphere of uniform size. We end in a unique sphere in the middle. All other spheres exist in pairs and complementary pairs in space.  Any small turbulence in the whole sphere is, perceived by the central sphere and the whole instantaneously. The whole is the Father, the center is the son and they are connected instantaneously though the Holy Spirit.  The black hole of Christ’s soul is releasing the information for humanity to enter the Golden Age.


We live in an information and knowledge era. However, hardly few know the meaning of information, from where it is coming, where it is leading, what is its purpose and so on. Word information is derived from Latin informare which means “give form to”. In the Oxford definition of the word, it is connected both to knowledge and communication. Knowledge communicated concerning some particular fact, subject or event is thought as YouTube - A Wave Of Unity Consciousness _ 17 and18 Julyinformation.My goal here is not to bring many different thoughts and contradictions that exist in defining information and knowledge.
The work of Norbert Wiener and Claude Shannon stands tall in this field but they are essentially contradicting. Wiener’s view of information is that it contains a structure that has a meaning. According to him the  amount of information in a system is a measure of its degree of organization, much the same way entropy of a system is a measure of its degree of disorganization. Information from its conception is attached to issues of decisions, communication and control, by Wiener. System theorists build further on this concept and see information as a “black box”, for steering the system towards a predefined goal. The goal is compared with the actual performance and signals are sent back to the sender, if the performance deviates from the norm. This concept of negative feedback has proven to be a powerful tool in most control mechanisms, relays etc. Shannon in contrast defines information as a purely quantitative measure of communicative exchanges. As AT&T mathematician he was primarily interested in the limitations of a channel in transferring signals and the cost of information transfer via a telephone line. The amount of information according to Shannon is equal to entropy. There is thus one large and confusing difference between Shannon and Wiener. Wiener sees information as negative entropy and Shannon`s information is the same as (positive) entropy. This makes Shannon`s “information” the opposite of Wiener`s “information”.
Those who are interested can scan the internet to find a volume of information on these theories and arguments. As a biologist/biotechnologist/ agriculturist, my search for Truth was restricted to concepts and thoughts behind every major and minor development in science. It was not oriented towards bottling nature and life into a chosen mathematical language but towards understanding it.  It was aimed at visualizing some basic Fundamental Principle and Design on which nature works, which not only can account for various contradicting developments in science but can go ahead to advance our knowledge to know the Truth of Nature and its functioning in  a simple manner.

Continue Reading at … sciencemeetsgod/information-blackhole-and-jesus

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