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The Year Where Gratitude Meets Courage



by MJ Wright


I spent most of yesterday contemplating how to proceed with my life, my writing, my career. I accomplished a lot in 2016, but where to go, do, be next has been on my mind with no real indication on what the right road is to take. Then I watched a video that gave me the answer of why I was unable to move forward.

Fear. It asked the question, what would you do if you had no fear?

It kind of gobsmacked me. Wasn’t I the woman who threw all caution to the wind, packed her truck and set off West just her and her dog and a thousand bucks cash. Wasn’t I the woman who although she has a multitude of conditions and diseases each one in their own right debilitating, combined they are sometimes more than she is able to bear, isn’t she the same woman who gave up the security of disability fully realizing she would have to make it on her own. I was, that woman!

And I was still afraid.

Of what people would think, what if, I failed, what if, I succeeded…..
I have had a full time job of having imposter syndrome. Who do you think you are? What do you know? Who would want to read your writing? What makes you think anyone would pay you to write?


………. <insert panic attack>………..


2017 – the year where gratitude meets courage.
The year where we challenge the fear, we rise up on wings like eagles. We ascend to the life we were meant to live.

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