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“In the first year that this happens, the open Arctic Ocean state will only last for a few weeks to a month or so,” Paul Beckwith, a climatology and meteorology professor at the University of Ottawa, Canada, told Truthout. “Within a year or two, the open water duration [no sea ice] will last for several months, and within a decade or so the positive feedbacks will likely clear out the Arctic Ocean basin for most of the year.”


“As the planet transitions through this abrupt climate change, there will be wrenching turmoil and conflict for human civilizations.”


Beckwith, an engineer and physicist who is also researching abrupt climate change in both present day and in the paleo records of the deep past, warns that losing the Arctic sea ice will create a state that “will represent a very different planet, with a much higher global average temperature, as much as 5 to 6 degrees C warmer within a few decades, in which snow and ice in the northern hemisphere becomes very rare or even vanishes year round.”

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