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ECOPROPHET PAT for The Canadian

Viewed at a closer angle we have developed this “gimme a pill for it doc” philosophy. And by ‘we’ it is meant the wealthy citizens of nations of the West and includes the well to do residents of Middle-East and the East as well.

We behave recklessly from speeding, using drugs, unsafe sex to trashing the planet as a society. Then we run off to the equally unaccountable elected officials and want them to waive a magic wand to solve the wrath of the decades of our recklessness and stupidities (see “Atimea Stupidosis Sustainabilis” – Google it) .

We elect them based on the false promises of making us even richer which is a mathematical impossibility because that requires an exponential output from a finite planet. Additionally we have landed ourselves in a situation by overly indulgent and pardoning to the “Ecopathic Personality Disorder” (EPD)  [Google it] such that there is an epidemic of that.  

People have adopted habits of spoiled brats. Short of a sharp kick in the ass they are not likely to realize anything on the suggestion of Howard Zinn … “If people began to realize that change comes from millions of tiny acts that seem totally insignificant, well then, they would not hesitate to take those tiny acts” – Howard Zinn (1922-2010). Either a few of us take the lead and do the ass kicking (as in spanking the kids)in a humane, acceptable and tolerable fashion or nature would do it the unpleasant and very painful way.

There is no pill to wash out the CO2 in the atmosphere nor to dig through Mt. Garbage that we have created.

We have to drastically change behaviours that is the opposite of “business as usual” or we will kill off each other on a mass enough scale to wipe out human race from the planet.

That is what really is in the cards now as New Year 2067 dawns, although there is nothing stopping it from happening any sooner.




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